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Well said, Brendan. In much the same way you must learn the rules before breaking them, I feel like everyone should do their best to learn their musical history, and then sing their own song. The notion that one has to mimic, copy or emulate the founders of any given musical genre in order to be considered authentic has always made me crazy (I guess purists make me crazy). How can there be progress that way? Yes, pay tribute to those who came before if that's what you want to do, but people also need to be able to put their spin on things without fear of judgment or repercussion. I've read some scary stuff about blackballing artists just for crossing over from their declared genre to another (with one song)--in the far more recent past than I would have expected. It's kind of insane. I think one of the best things about the digital age and the consequential restructuring of the music industry in general is that it would be really hard (if not impossible) to get away with that nowadays. I hope. :)

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